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Grupo Escato’s internet website hosted at has open access to the general public and free navigation through it by users can be done by its users without the need of sharing or disclosing Personal Data. This Privacy Notice only governs the information that is shared through the Client’s Contact and Access links that are found at the website itself.

Name and Address of Personal Data Responsible.

Grupo Escato, S.A. de C.V., is a variable stock company, duly incorporated under the laws of the United Mexican States, with its domicile in Rafael Checa number 22, Colonia Chimalistac, Delegación Álvaro Obregón, C.P. 01070; and it is responsible for the treatment of your Personal Data in strict accordance with and pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Parties (“Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares”), its Regulations and applicable legislation thereto (the “Personal Data Protection Legislation”).

Obtainment of Personal Data.

Grupo Escato obtains Personal Data which are treated in accordance with this Privacy Notice when the holders of the Personal Data provide them directly to Grupo Escato; either through visits to the website, by telephone or by e-mail correspondence, by using our online services, fax, or in person; and when Grupo Esctao obtains information from holders of Personal Data through other sources permitted by the Personal Data Protection Legislation through electronic means in accordance with what is set forth in this Notice.

Grupo Escato collects Personal Data directly when its holder voluntarily provides same by any means to officers, employees, representatives, contractors or third parties authorized to collect same on behalf of Grupo Escato for any of the reasons that, including but not limited, are detailed as follows: i) for the purpose of obtaining information and/or getting to know in detail the products, services or promotions of Grupo Escato; ii) those provided by job applicants to vacant positions or by Grupo Escato’s employees; iii) those shared at the time of filing a complaint; and iv) those delivered when evaluating the quality of the services provided by Grupo Escato to its customers, either through questionnaires, surveys or any other means.

The data that are generally obtained by such means can be, among others: i) in the case of employees and applicants: full name, position and requested salary, as well as current and or/former salaries and positions; information on labor backgrounds, which may include names and addresses of companies where the applicant has previously worked, contact data for future references, start and end dates of previous jobs, duties performed, reasons for separation, curriculum vitae, contact information (address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, among others); nationality, date and place of birth, gender, age, , birth certificate, copy of immigration document (if applicable), country of residence, marital status and in this case estate regime; beneficiary of bank payroll account, number and identity of economic dependents, username and password within the company; education level, spoken languages, name, address and occupation of family members, personal references and/or labor letters of recommendation, health condition, diseases suffered, behavior habits (such as sports practice, alcohol and/or tobacco consumption, tattoos and hobbies), schedule availability, availability to travel and/or to relocate from work location, work experience; for employees: date of joining the company; name of the immediate upper officer, position occupied and opinion on matters that the employee may share in the processes of complaints and suggestions that Grupo Escato holds available for its employees; ii) in the case of entities, whether suppliers, contractors, advisors or consultants: corporate name, articles of incorporation, name, contact details and powers of attorney and information of the legal representative; iii) in the case of clients: general data from the company for which they work and position performed; project in which she is involved with Grupo Escato, as well as opinion of the service and suggestions (all of them individually or collectively, the “Personal Data”).

Sensitive Personal Data and Personal Property Data.

In order to fulfill some of the goals set out in this Privacy Notice, as long as it is applicable, Grupo Escato may gather sensible and proprietary Personal Data (the “Sensitive and Proprietary Personal Data”), such as those relating to: health condition; medical analyses; height; weight; size; diseases or illnesses, medical treatments; injuries or accidents; hobbies and sports practiced, and only in the case of employees, officers and applicants, earned salary, account number and standardized banking code (clave bancaria estandarizada “CLABE”) for payroll deposits

Grupo Escato states its commitment with the holders of such Sensitive and Proprietary Personal Data to preserve same and to treat them under the most strict security measures in order to guarantee their confidentiality.

Purpose and Use of Your Personal Data.

Grupo Escato uses the Personal Data to: i) address requests of information about its products, services, promotions or any other that has been requested directly to Grupo Escato; ii) address any complaint, question or comment submitted; iii) create databases for statistical and quality purposes, iv) comply with the Personal Data Protection Legislation or other applicable legislation to Grupo Escato’s business in the United Mexican States; iv) comply with the policies of Grupo Escato; and v) have a communication channel and contact with Grupo Escato’s customers and suppliers.

Personal Data Revocation.

At any time, the person or persons who have granted Personal Data and/or Sensitive and Proprietary Personal Data to Grupo Escato under the provisions of this Privacy Notice, may request to Grupo Escato the removal of same by contacting and requesting it to the person in charge of managing Personal Data at the e-mail address In the same manner, in the event of receiving any communication from Grupo Escato, its employees, officers, subsidiaries and/or affiliates, the holders of Personal Data and/or Sensitive and Proprietary Personal Data may request to be removed from such mailing list of Grupo Escato to the above mentioned e-mail address.

Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition (the “ARCO Rights”).

For any information regarding this Privacy Notice or the exercise of any rights under the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Legislation, including without limitation, rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the use of any Personal Data (that is, the ARCO Rights) provided to Grupo Escato, please contact Gabriela Tenorio Zaliv, who is in charge of the area of Image and Communication of Grupo Escato at the telephone number +52(55) 5661-1222 ext. 1116, located in the offices of Rafael Checa number 22, Colonia Chimalistac, Delegación Álvaro Obregón, C.P. 01070, e-mail address revocació . For the exercise of the Arco Rights, Grupo Escato has implemented the following mechanism:

1.- ARCO Rights shall be exercised by the holders of Personal Data or his representative, in accordance with the following:

a. Personal Data holders must evidence their identity by presenting a copy of their official identification, personally displaying the original for collation.

b. The representative of the Personal Data holders must prove:

I. The identity of the holders of Personal Data; II. Her identity; and III. The existence of the representation through which the representative is authorized to act on behalf of the holders of Personal Data through public instrument or proxy letter signed before two witnesses or personal affidavit from Personal Data holders. IV. Name of the person who performed the service evaluation and her position, if it is such is the case.

2.- Holders of Personal Data or her representative must submit a written request addressed to Ms. Priscilla Pozos Cortés, responsible for handling Personal Data to the e-mail address: in the relevant section of the website with the following data:

a. Holder’s name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, so that Grupo Escato can communicate an answer;

b. The clear and precise description of the Personal Data in respect of which the Holder of Personal Data seeks to exercise any ARCO Right;

c. Any item or document that facilitates the location of Personal Data in the databases of Grupo Escato; and

d. In case of requests for corrections of Personal Data, the Holder of Personal Data shall also indicate the modifications intended to be carried out and provide the documentation supporting her request.

e. In the case of employees of Grupo Escato, they shall appoint the name of the company of the group they work for, name of her immediate upper officer and the position they perform.

3.- Grupo Escato will notify by e-mail to the Holder of Personal Data its adopted determination within a maximum term of twenty days as of the date in which it received the relevant application. This term may be extended only once for an equal term, provided that the circumstances of the case so justify.

4.- If the determination referred to in section 3 above is warranted, Grupo Escato will make it effective within the next fifteen days as of the date it notifies the holder its answer. This term may be extended once for an equal term, provided that the circumstances of the case so justify.

Personal Data Transfer

Grupo Escato may share Personal Data with its employees, contractors, service providers and consultants, who will manage and keep such Personal Data on account of Grupo Escato. Likewise, Grupo Escato may share Personal Data with government authorities in the United Mexican States or abroad, academic institutions, business partners, suppliers and distributors of Grupo Escato when applicable or convenient. Grupo Escato reserves the right to transfer Personal Data to any investor or purchaser of the company, subsidiary, controller or other companies or vehicles designated by these if necessary. Grupo Escato will not share or transfer Personal Data to third parties except as provided in this Privacy Notice, or in the Personal Data Protection Legislation or any other applicable laws in the United Mexican States.

Amendments to the Privacy Notice and Governing Law

Grupo Escato reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice, notifying so through the specific section on the website of Grupo Escato or in our Human Resources Department.